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Afternoon Light

This course processes through a workbook that covers the “why” of church membership, the 5 questions asked of church members, an overview of Free Methodist history and leadership, and other questions that people have as they consider becoming a member of Main Street Church.

Mountain Ridge

The Free Methodist Church is based on the values of Life Giving Holiness, Love Driven Justice, Christ Compelled Multiplication, Cross Cultural Collaboration, and God Given Revelation. This course explores what these values mean specifically.

Afternoon Light

We offer Bible studies in which we read through Biblical books as a group to learn about scripture and what is offers us as guidance in our lives today. View our events page to join an upcoming study!

Navigating in Woods

Alpha is a twelve week course that answers the big questions such as Who is God? Who is Jesus? Who is the Holy Spirit? and Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Book Reading

Our pastors are always reading new books to grow in their level of discipleship.
Read the same book as they are and meet periodically to discuss what you are gaining from reading the book.

Membership Class

The Free Methodist Way Course

Bible Studies


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