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About Us

Learn more about who we are, what we believe as a church, and who we partner with to see Jesus’ mission fulfilled

Heading 3

This team of people are called for such a time as this to help equip all people to find their purpose in serving the Lord 

Leadership Team 

Our leadership team consists of ordained Free Methodist Elders, and conference ministers. We have extensive experience in both international and local missions and local church ministry. We look forward to serving and loving those who walk into our doors and to helping those under our leadership to become more like Jesus as we serve in his name.


Our congregation was one of the first Free Methodist churches that was started in an effort to promote freedom for slaves, to stop charging for pews, and to promote freedom for women to also preach the gospel as trained leaders in the church. Our church has been multicultural from the start and continues to gather as such today.

We began on the east side of the Fox River, and then moved to the west side on a downtown block, and eventually spent many years in a building on Walnut Street. During that time, we rented space to Lazarus House homeless shelter and eventually sold the building to the shelter and moved to our current location just west of Randall.

Our church building used to be a bank, and was renovated to use the lobby as our worship space and the former offices as our classroom and meeting areas.

While we are newer to this location, but our church has served in the Saint Charles community for over 125 years.

What we Believe

We are a Free Methodist Church and have a Wesleyen perspective in our doctrine 

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Who are We

We believe every believer God has a purpose for their life.  He has called us into making disciples who make disciples.  

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